Understanding The "SIGN-UP" Process
*(Merchants can be accepting credit-cards in as little as 2-3 business days)

Step 1: Speak with an Access Group Processing Representative.
An Access Group Processing (AGP) representative will first discuss the program and various options, answer your questions and then make recommendations regarding your specific processing needs. To speak with an AGP representative, please call (877) 207-6278.
Step 2: Request an Application.
An AGP representative will collect information from you in order to fax or forward you an electronic application. To request your application please call (877) 207-6278. 
Step 3: Complete and fax back application or complete on-line application.
Fax Version: Merchant completes, signs, and faxes application they received back to AGP. Completed applications should be faxed to (800) 480-6694 or (732) 282-1447. 
On-line Version: Merchant completes and electronically signs on-line application.
Step 4: Approval Process
Fax Version: AGP reviews faxed applications for missing information and submits the completed application to the processor for approval.
On-line Version: On-line applications are submitted directly to the processor for approval. 
The processor approves and issues a merchant ID number (usually within 2-3 business days) and provides merchant number to AGP.  AGP will notify the new merchant via e-mail upon approval.
Step 5: AGP orders (applicable) Virtual Terminal/eCommerce Gateway, Terminal or wireless device for approved merchant account.
Payment Gateway Processing Option: AGP constructs Virtual Terminal/eCommerce Gateway and sends the log-in information and start-up instructions to the approved merchant via e-mail.  
Terminal or Wireless Processing Solution: AGP orders the terminal or wireless device and the processor ships the pre-programmed terminal to merchant. 
Reprogrammed Terminal Processing Solution Option: The processor constructs a terminal configuration file for the CISCA member. AGP sends reprogramming instructions to the CISCA member via e-mail. Reprogramming the terminal is a very simple procedure that will take approximately 15 minutes.  
Step 6: Merchant Receives Virtual Terminal/eCommerce, Gateway Log-In, Terminal or Wireless Device.
Virtual Terminal/eCommerce, Gateway Processing Solution: Merchant logs in online using temporary password and username sent via e-mail.  Next the merchant changes the password and can begin accepting credit card payments and processing electronic checks (optional service). 
Terminal or Wireless Processing Solution: Merchant connects the preprogrammed terminal to a phone line or turns on the wireless device. The merchant is now able to begin accepting credit-card payments via the terminal or wireless device.  
Reprogrammed Terminal Solution: AGP sends instructions via e-mail to the CISCA member for reprogramming the existing terminal. Once the terminal is reprogrammed (approximately 15 minutes), the merchant can begin accepting credit-card payments via the group discounted CISCA Merchant Account program.